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we make code that werks.

About Codewerk...

CodeWerk is is a small group of developers, providing freelance expertise in their free time. Got a unique idea that needs a prototype, or an old system that needs emergency fixes? Or are you seeking professional IT / web consultation? With a wide variety of skills at our disposal, we know how to make any solution work, fix any issue, or give solid advice for any project.

What we do?

There are 3 different types of projects that we're truly enthusiastic about.

Code Fixer Uppers

For the people who actually know what needs to be done, but in short of time to actually do it. Have a client with a data-collection form, but the previous developer left it in a dodgy shape and it doesn't work? The login system is failing, there's issues with email sending or simply the whole website is broken up? Have a properly working system, but there's a new feature that needs implementing?
First, We'll review the situation, and determine how many hours might be required to fix it up & then we decide what quality are we aiming in this project: emergency welding or proper re-work.

Lean - Small projects, quick results

Lean development mainly focuses on getting the minimum viable project on the table. Starting a new business and need a new website right now? Your system doesn't handle a basic issue & it's causing your workforce to spend unnecessary time on something that you think should be doable with automatically?
With a wide range of tools at hand, anything is possible.
Have a great idea for a software? Let's do a quick prototype within a few hours. The prototype succeeded? Let's rework it into a fully fledged product.


Planning on starting a new business, but you need help with explaining how to build up a web presence? We can guide you along the way, with zero-tech talks on how a website actually should exist within your business. Learn all the important aspects and caveats, and we'll also guide you in how you can bring the best out from a website, within your own business.


We don't charge for our own mistakes. An eternal promise, because we're confident in our own skills.

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